Dual Mask 05

Artikelnummer: 678


  • Programming of the contact type by dip-switch
  • Large-coverage anti-reflex lenses
  • Look-down lens for the protection of the area beneath the detector
  • Negative stand-by voltage
  • Complete immunity to radio frequencies (complete shielding of the board)
  • SMD components with high immunity to electrical interferences
  • Independent antimasking control for microwave and infrared with specific output
  • Antimasking control of the infrared section always active (even if detector in stand-by), antimasking control of the microwave deactivated if detector in stand-by
  • Self-test with specific fail output and led signaling
  • Automatic exclusion of the detective technology (OR mode)
  • Separate alarm and tamper outputs
  • Functions programmable by dip switch of:
    -          Normal / RDV functioning
    -          AND / OR functioning
    -          Response time antimasking control (min./max.)
    -          Pulse count (1/3)
    -          Enabling / disabling of led signaling