Dual Mask BUS 05

Artikelnummer: 679


  • Connection via sensor bus with the specific module using only 4 wires (SPEED 4 PLUS or SPEED 8 PLUS)
  • Temperature probe for sensitivity adjustment in cold or warm environments
  • Independent antimasking control for microwave and infrared with specific output
  • Completely programmable both on the spot through the control panel or at distance by PC without acting on the detectors
  • Reset and monitoring by PC both on the spot or at distance
  • Self-test of both technologies and fault signaling if both technologies are defective
  • Fault, antimasking and tamper signaling without sacrifying any zones
  • AND or OR functioning mode programmable
  • RDV functioning programmable
  • Microwave sensitivity and response time programmable by PC
  • Pulse count programmable
  • Large-coverage anti-reflex lenses
  • Look-down lens for the protection of creep zone
  • Complete immunity to radio frequencies (complete shielding of the board)
  • SMD components with high immunity to electrical interferences
  • Enabling / disabling of the tamper control