Explorer Bus

Artikelnummer: 665


  • Composed of a transmitter (TX) and receiver (RX)
  • Connection of the RX module via Sensor BUS with a specific module using 3 wires
  • Possibility of connecting TX and RX together for femote programming and monitoring of the faults, and alarms
  • Range from 60 to 220 meters depending on the model
  • Programming on the spot through the control panel or a distance by PC without acting on the barrier
  • Antimasking control with programmable response time
  • Sensitivity and response time programmable
  • Enabling/disabling of fail signaling and enabling of antimasking signaling only if the panel control is armed
  • Tamper and fault signaling without control panel inputs
  • Compatible with the control panels TP8-64 and TP16-256
  • Monitoring by PC on the spot or at distance
  • Power supply 12V DC or 18V AC
  • Battery bay 12V-2.1Ah