Turnstile DSN-50

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  • Nebula DSN-50 tripod turnstile is the most cost-efficient in all type turnstiles.

  • The most obvious feature is the slim and delicate design (360*260*980mm) to save space occupation. Exquisite and beauty is the most attractive feature in the first look.
  • Three colors LED Indicator interface: blue for power on, green for valid card access, red for invalid card access.
  • Temporary constant opening function: The security guard can press the button once, and multiple people can pass through the turnstile freely.
  • Superior production: Combine mold production to ensure the high quality guaranteed. Welding: adopt Robot for weld to improve the high technological level.
  • Counter output interface: both entrance and exit can count accurately. The counter support only counts when the person passes through the turnstile, and does not count when the card is swiped but not passed through.