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  • Full height turnstile DS408 is the most obvious feature is the turnstile with wheelchair gate for handicapped access. Which is provides a high safety and convenient access solution for disabled people.
  • It’s idea for both indoor and outdoor, as whole body is made of finished and brushed stainless steel, which is robust, rigid, anti-rust, waterproof and durable.
  • There are LED lights at front on both top cover and body side to indicate entry is accepted or denied.
  • The pedestrian passing width is 550mm, and the wheelchair gate passing width is 900mm,
  • It has standard relay signal, which can be integrated with any type of external device solution. (e.g.: Display, Counter, Reader, Face recognition, Push button, Card collector, RFID Wristband Collector, Coin insert, Barcode/QR reader, Wheel)


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